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What I love… January 19, 2011

For my scale I use the Biggest Loser scale. I got this for Christmas and I absolutley LOVE it! It tells me my weight, body fat%, water%, muscle mass, BMI, and daily calories to maintain weight.

I work out with Leslie Sansone DVDs. Right now I am in love with this one but I also have one of her walk and jog ones. Whenever I get the chance I am always renting her DVDs from the library just to get variety in my workout outs and to try different things out.

I got these this year for Christmas too and am so excited. My husband and I always walk when the weather in nice, counting down the days until spring time! But these will definelty get used and be loved =)
When working out with my dvds I don’t use these I use my Nike’s.

This is my favorite indulgence for a day. I eat one or two of these a day=). Plus dark chocolate is proven to be healthy for your heart and blood, in moderation!

Billy Blanks! I have recently run across his dvds again. I used to these when I was a kid, I remembered them being so much fun. So I went and rented numerous amount his dvds from the library and have fallen in love with it! This uses every muscle in body and definitely challenges me!


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