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little girl in the big world February 23, 2011

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No pain, no gain….

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I don’t totally agree with “No Pain, No Gain” but I am so sore today and that came to mind! I did run yesterday like I had said I wanted to. Running outside reminds me so much of why I don’t run outisde. My body and legs felt great-burning but great while on the other hand my lungs and chest were on fire! The husband said it was because the air was too cold and I was not used to it, it was not that enjoyable but I got a good 1.5 mile jog/walk in for the day. I decided to follow the run with a 20 min upper body strength training DVD. The routine was pretty challenging, I did it with 5lb dumbbells and am feeling it today=)

I thought with my  soreness today I would do a little research on muscle soreness…

What causes muscle soreness:

Things to do that will help the soreness:


Hi February 22, 2011

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thought this was so cute!!

I have been off for awhile, with my brother and niece in town, work and lots of church activities the husband and I ahve not been home except for sleeping in so long! On top of that the charger for my laptop has broke =( so it has been turned off until we can get the new charger.
So I have been doing great with “changing my ways”…I can say that I have finally started learn how to not deprive myself of the food I love and to follow moderation! I have not lost any more weight since the last weigh in but have for once maintained the weight! That is a huge accomplishment for me, while yes there are still a few pounds stuck to me that I would love to lose but I am glad to be practicing what I research and learn.

The beautiful weather this weekend has given me the urge to do something I have really not ever liked……to run. I have mapped out a route close to my house that adds up to about a mile, not a lot but I want to start slow and see if it can be something I can learn to like=) we will see!!


The Candid RD giveaway!

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Gina from Candid RD is having a snack bar giveaway! check it out!!



Valentine’s day February 14, 2011

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On Valentines Day
The chocolate syrup said to the ice cream
“I’m sweet on you!”
While the pencil said to the paper
“I dot my i’s on you!”
And the light bulb asked his girlfriend
Do I mean a whole watt to you?”

happy valentine’s day! ❤


Balanced Healthy Life giveaway–check it out!! February 3, 2011

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The Fitness Dish giveaway–check it out!

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