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About January 18, 2011

My name is Aleisha. I started this blog as a way to keep track of my progress, to express my moods, feelings, gains and losses. Eventually I would love for it to be a motivation and help to others trying to lead a healthy life.
Although I am only 20 and I have always battled with self image, weight, my appearance. Getting married almost 2 years ago my life drastically changed (in a good and happy way:)) but with that change came 15+ pounds and a big change in the way I eat, cook and view myself! So I know every year most of us set the goal or make a resolution to lose x amount of pounds. But this year I am vowing to myself to change my lifestyle. Meaning the way I look at myself, the way I handle stress, how to cook healthier but still yummy!, making physical activity fun and a part of life.
So welcome to my journey, maybe some of you can join me and do this together!

My husband and I got engaged June 9, 2008 and were married May 30, 2009. Our honeymoon was in South Carolina. We have lived 2 places and love our new townhouse, have almost been here 1 year already! It’s been an adventure but he is my best friend and the best decision I have ever made=)

my life’s to do list:
attend college (Aug 08-…)
graduate college with AA and BA
get married May 30,2009
complete Dave Ramsey money makeover
buy a home
become a mom
run a 5k
run a half marathon
run a marathon
learn to sew
learn to cook and bake
find my happy weight and be able to maintain
become a planner-a person who plans-meals, cleaning, budget, etc
ride in a hot air balloon
visit all 50 states with my husband ( AR, IL, TN, SC,KY)
buy a bicycle
take a spinning class
eat more vegetables and fruits throughout the day
own a piano key weighted keyboard
learn to play piano (lessons Oct 10-…)
open a home daycare

…to be continued….


3 Responses to “About”

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  2. I love that your ultimate goal is not to lose weight but change your lifestyle! SO much more important!

    • mrstutt Says:

      Thanks! It’s a harder and longer process but I think I am starting to understand it and be more in tune with how my body feels after I eat, not eat, do, not do certain things. There is a huge difference in the way I feel if I don’t workout and if I choose to feed myself processed “junk”. I actually figured out I like to workout because of the way I feel and I like to eat healthier less processed food about 90% percent of my day because I feel better! =) I would have never said that a month or two ago!!

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