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Turbo Jam! March 11, 2011

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life update
Haven’t been on here in awhile… my little brother left for boot camp and my niece left back for Arizona all this week. Let me say not an easy week for everyone! 😦

On the brighter side I got TurboJam. I emailed a blog I follow, Dashing Dish, about DVDs she does since I do not have a gym at my house or want to spend on a memebership right now. She recommended TurboJam and just so happened one of my friends had just started doing it also and loved it. So I tried it, I love it! I have sore muscles that I didnt even know existed! I have done it 3 times this week so far and plan on doing this afternoon before youth week at church starts! It definitly challenges me but in a different way, the moves are easy to get but the pace and the repitition wears me out! I used a calculator and burn about 500 calories doing it in 45 min which is the typical length of the ones I have.
my goal…to alternate with the routines that came with the 2 DVDs I got for 2 weeks and then I can get a new one on Amazon for a little reward:)

I have been slacking on paying attention to what goes into my mouth then last night, while my workout was kicking my but,t I realized I should really pay attention. I am just working off The junk I ate when I could be eating healthy and seeing my exercise pay off quicker and in a better way. So I found  a notebook and am going to plan what I eat each Saturday or Sunday for the week ahead and stick to it! This will also save me money–great bonus!!

Dave Ramsey..Financial Peace
We paid off the husbands car!!!! The check was mailed Saturday:)
praise break…!!!





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