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Stuck in a rut.. March 2, 2011

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stuck in a rut

I realized today I am stuck in a rut! So all my rented DVDs are going back and I reserved new ones to get me doing something new and re-motivate myself!
My reserve list consists of kickboxing! I have always loved it and thought it was time to try some new routines:)

Kickboxing for dummies

Jeanette Jenkins


I did weigh in today and wasn’t jumping up and down but what the scale says and how my clothes fit are a result of my actions. So I need to re-evaluate my routine and actions, starting with inconsistent exercise. I have been keeping track and realized I will go good and then slack for a week, slack meaning “nothing!”. 
So with the warm weather my walking will start back up. I did try running again yesterday but ended up enjoying more of a fast paced walk and then another walk later that night with The Husband. My walking totaled up to a little over 3 miles! I am sore today but I also did strength training, so combo of both.


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