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No pain, no gain…. February 23, 2011

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I don’t totally agree with “No Pain, No Gain” but I am so sore today and that came to mind! I did run yesterday like I had said I wanted to. Running outside reminds me so much of why I don’t run outisde. My body and legs felt great-burning but great while on the other hand my lungs and chest were on fire! The husband said it was because the air was too cold and I was not used to it, it was not that enjoyable but I got a good 1.5 mile jog/walk in for the day. I decided to follow the run with a 20 min upper body strength training DVD. The routine was pretty challenging, I did it with 5lb dumbbells and am feeling it today=)

I thought with my  soreness today I would do a little research on muscle soreness…

What causes muscle soreness:

Things to do that will help the soreness:


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