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Hi February 22, 2011

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thought this was so cute!!

I have been off for awhile, with my brother and niece in town, work and lots of church activities the husband and I ahve not been home except for sleeping in so long! On top of that the charger for my laptop has broke =( so it has been turned off until we can get the new charger.
So I have been doing great with “changing my ways”…I can say that I have finally started learn how to not deprive myself of the food I love and to follow moderation! I have not lost any more weight since the last weigh in but have for once maintained the weight! That is a huge accomplishment for me, while yes there are still a few pounds stuck to me that I would love to lose but I am glad to be practicing what I research and learn.

The beautiful weather this weekend has given me the urge to do something I have really not ever liked……to run. I have mapped out a route close to my house that adds up to about a mile, not a lot but I want to start slow and see if it can be something I can learn to like=) we will see!!


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