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February 14, 2011 February 14, 2011

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Dear Monday, please come slow and go quick!!
I spent my whole weekend with my brother, his gf and my beautiful neice! Then to top it off, amazing church! My weekends have been so good=)
I have been eating sandwich thins a lot more lately, so I thought I would compare to see if there is really a difference between regular bread slices and the thin slices…

Arnold Bread slices: 100% Whole Wheat

     Per Serving size: 1 slice
         Calories 100, from fat 20
         fat 2g
         carbs 20g
         Fiber 6g
         sugar 3g
         Protein 4g

Arnold Sandwich Thins: 100% Whole Wheat

      Per Serving: 1 roll
         Calories 100 , from fat 10
         fat 1g
         carbs 21g

         fiber 5g
         sugar 2g
         protein 5g

Once comparing the two side by side there is not a huge difference between the two. I was surprised to find the thins had more carbohydrates than the slices, not by a lot. I do like the thins more than the slices though, I am not a fan of thick bread on sandwiches.




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