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February 2, 2011 February 2, 2011

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Snow, snow, snow…I had off work yesterday and was SO lazt except for shoveling the driveway in the afternoon. I feel so blah from just snacking and catching up on Bones (favorite show!). But today it was back to work…my mom drove me because the subdivisions have not been plowed yet. On the way, the car broke down and my dad had to come meet us. Then, we took his car and it was pretty smooth sailing from there even though the exits have not been cleared. There is so much snow! I have to take pictures when I get my camera from my house, I have been at my parents  because the husband has been working all day and night since Monday at midnight.

I gotta get back on a schedule! I have been so out of it with “cabin fever” and boredom.

Food log:

  • Everything Bagel Thin w/ cream cheese
  • Milano cookies
  • Lions choice-Turkey with cheddar, fries, Fanta
      —not best choice! felt really full afterwards
  • Banana w/ Skippy natural creamy pb
  • chicken noodle soup w/ Club crackers
  • cup of frozen yogurt 

Today I can say I did not eat the best or make the best decisions, I know this not just because of the food log but because of how I feel. I feel bloated, full, and groggy-not how I feel when I eat home brought and vibrant foods. I also know I need to start working out, that explains my tiredness!


2 Responses to “February 2, 2011”

  1. I hear ya with cabin fever…we were snowed in this morning and jumped at the change to get outside once the level 3 warnings were over! Sometimes you just need to get away from the house! I miss summer.

    • mrstutt Says:

      Yeah! We got about 10 inches here, the most I have ever seen since my family moved here from Vermont(which I was too small to remember!). It was negative 5 last night. I am ready to be able to get to my car without climbing mounds of snow haha!
      Although I am looking forward to getting home and shoveling my driveway, I think it’s fun and it’s a nice little workout for muscles that aren’t typically used!

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