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January 26, 2011 January 26, 2011

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Hello!! Today was so hard waking up, so I am setting a goal to meet. For the next week I need to be in bed by 10:30, I am going to start small and then work my way to earlier. The overall deal is to get 7 to 8 hours of sleep without having to hit the snooze button for an hour!

TaeBo is kicking my butt and I love it! I did another dvd last night:

This dvd wasn’t my favorite, he moved really fast with little explanation so at times it was really hard to keep up. But I finished the whole 45 minutes of it and was drenched (a sign to me that I completed a good workout!).

The husband’s tacos were amazing! Taco night really is my favorite and I found small tortillas that are 100 calories for 2 and that fills me up just enough!

Today I noticed I was a lot more hungry throughout the day, so I need to take note of that and bring more fruit and vegetables that I can snack on during the day.

Food log:

  • Cinnamon Cheerios and 2% milk: 220
  • Banana:105
  • Lean pocket: 270
  • Apple and string cheese:140
  • Peanuts:48
  • Tacos(my favorite dinner!):510
  • cup of frozen vanilla yogurt:110

day’s total:1403
excercise-30 min: rested


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