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Billy Blanks Reviews January 25, 2011

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In my post early I mentioned I was so excited to try this! I got through 37 minutes of it (52 minute workout), would love to say I finished it but I didn’t. This was so hard for me but felt so good pushing myself to a limit I didn’t think I could do! This is definitely going on my wish list and a goal list to be able to finish and keep up with Billy.

I would recommend this to anyone but it is hard, so be prepared! It just consists of basic, fast paced TaeBo moves.

 This is another one I LOVE! He does a very good job explaining and demonstrating each move, this helped be able to keep up and do the move when he sped it all up.
It is about 45 minutes and goes by fast!

Definitly one I will be keep doing!

I just tried this one 2-11-11. I had a difficult keeping up, he did not demonstrate the moves enough and then would combine them all at a fast pace.
It was about the same length as the others, 45 min but this one did not go by fast or enjoyable for me, I found myself becoming frustrated not being able to keep up with it and the confusion I had.

I will keep posting reviews as I try them=)….


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