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January 24, 2011 January 24, 2011

Filed under: daily blog — mrstutt @ 11:42 pm

Hi! Hope everyone had a great weekend!! Mine was eventful, Saturday I had an open house for a friend and then had a game night with my youth night (where pizza was established as a huge weakness to me). Then Sunday we had church but unfortunately the night service was canceled due to weather;  with no church on Sunday night that meant football with the husband and parents. It was a good night one of my team, Packers, won but then the Steelers won and I was for the Jets.

Since the weather was still on the bad side the husband had no work, again. But with no work and a full day ahead, we enjoyed the day. Although my lunch was on the healthy eating plan, it was good! We had Chicago dogs and I then at the mall we had dessert. I had TCBY, which was amazing and only 110 calories. It felt good to be out and walking all day. For the night I am having leftover chili and doing a Billy Blanks DVD I rented from the library, really excited about it!


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