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January 20, 2011 January 20, 2011

Filed under: daily blog — mrstutt @ 4:43 pm

WOW! We got around 10 inches of snow last night and it is still snowing! My wonderful husband drove me to work today=)
(I will try to take some pictures after work and post them…it’s so pretty)
Work is buying lunch today because of all the snow, and I am proud to say I checked the nutrition menu and have chosen something healthy and portioned! Hard not to indulge but I know I will feel better in the end.
I loved getting off work at 3 today and spending the afternoon with my husband=) Also went to piano lessons, haven’t been in so long! I am so happy to be really playing and learning again.

So today when looking around I realized my house needs major cleaning! Deep, scrubbing floors and counters cleaning…hhhmmm…no my favorite thing to do but it leaves such a good feeling when finished. So that will be a goal for the next week.

Well, banana bread baking in the oven, smelling amazing, going to finish biggest loser and do my cardio for the day.

Food log/plan:

  • Swiss miss hot chocolate: 170
  • Beef Jerky: 70
    —with the snow and being rushed breakfast was not what it should have been, but the beef jerky had enough protein to fill me up until lunch and was low in calories.
  • Dove’s dark chocolate square: 42
  • Jason’s Deli-SW Chicken Chili and fresh fruit: 305
  • Nature Valley granola dark chocolate square: 80
  • 6 croutons:30
  • Panini(chicken breast, shredded cheese, chipotle mayo, ciabatta bread):315
  • banana bread: 200

day’s total: 1212
goal total: 1350
exercise-30min : 288


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