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January 19,2011 January 19, 2011

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Well last night was a long night. My niece was rushed to the hospital for breathing problems, so I did not get to bed until 1:30! Need to keep working on the 7-8hours of sleep each night goal.
I received letters and an address from my brother=) He is as boot camp so I haven’t talked to him in a while, so excited to write him his first letter from me.
Today I need to search out a good coffee recipe, I am tired of the creamer I use but love coffee in the morning. For Christmas I got a coffee grinder, which makes coffee taste so fresh and amazing!
Today has been good, I have eaten mindfully. Thinking about what I eat before I eat makes me realize why I am eating, working towards my long time goal of not eating because of stress or boredom but still enjoying my love for food!
I cannot wait for chicken tacos at dinner.

Dinner was delicious, left me full and tasted amazing!

Food plan/log for the day!

  • Healthy Life english muffin: 80
  • Skippy Natural peanut butter with honey: 100
  • Starbucks Christmas blend: 20
  • International Delight Coffee Creamer White Chocolate Mocha: 160
  • Honey: 80
  • Lean Pocket-mexican chicken and cheese(for the future…did not like): 260
  • Dove 71% Dark chocolate square:42
  • Applesauce: 80
  • Chicken Tacos: 328
  • McDonald’s McCafe Chocolate shake: 220…was craving chocolate, this was not the answer. Left me sick feeling after a few sips of it:p

day’s total: 1370
calorie goal:1350
exercise: 30 min = 228burned


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