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Turbo Jam! March 11, 2011

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life update
Haven’t been on here in awhile… my little brother left for boot camp and my niece left back for Arizona all this week. Let me say not an easy week for everyone! ūüė¶

On the brighter side I got TurboJam. I emailed a blog I follow, Dashing Dish, about DVDs she does since I do not have a gym at my house or want to spend on a memebership right now. She recommended TurboJam and just so happened one of my friends had just started doing it also and loved it. So I tried it, I love it! I have sore muscles that I didnt even know existed! I have done it 3 times this week so far and plan on doing this afternoon before youth week at church starts! It definitly challenges me but in a different way, the moves are easy to get but the pace and the repitition wears me out! I used a calculator and burn about 500 calories doing it in 45 min which is the typical length of the ones I have.
my goal…to alternate with the routines that came with the 2 DVDs I got for 2 weeks and then I can get a new one on Amazon for a little reward:)

I have been slacking on paying attention to what goes into my mouth then last night, while my workout was kicking my but,t I realized I should really pay attention. I am just working off The junk I ate when I could be eating healthy and seeing my exercise pay off quicker and in a better way. So I found¬† a notebook and am going to plan what I eat each Saturday or Sunday for the week ahead and stick to it! This will also save me money–great bonus!!

Dave Ramsey..Financial Peace
We paid off the husbands car!!!! The check was mailed Saturday:)
praise break…!!!





Stuck in a rut.. March 2, 2011

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stuck in a rut

I realized today I am stuck in a rut! So all my rented DVDs are going back and I reserved new ones to get me doing something new and re-motivate myself!
My reserve list consists of kickboxing! I have always loved it and thought it was time to try some new routines:)

Kickboxing for dummies

Jeanette Jenkins


I did weigh in today and wasn’t jumping up and down but what the scale says and how my clothes fit are a result of my actions. So I need to re-evaluate my routine and actions, starting with inconsistent¬†exercise. I have been keeping track and realized I will go good and then slack for a week, slack meaning “nothing!”.¬†
So with the warm weather my walking will start back up. I did try running again yesterday but ended up enjoying more of a fast paced walk and then another walk later that night with The Husband. My walking totaled up to a little over 3 miles! I am sore today but I also did strength training, so combo of both.


Snow?! Sleet?! February 24, 2011

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Last week we had beautiful weather, high 60s – low 70s, absolutely beautiful! This week started off on the cooler side, today…today it is snowing, sleeting and icy roads?! Oh, Missouri weather make up your mind please!

still sore??…

I am guessing the run from Tuesday really worked some unworked muscles in my body because my legs are still sore! I did not work out yesterday, was thinking I would give my body a rest day and hopefully the sore muscles would heal and be ready for today…they aren’t. Yesterday I posted ways to relieve sore muscles and one was stretching, yoga always gives me a good total body stretch and I am break a nice sweat at times. I have 3 yoga DVDs at home that I have rented from the library so I am going to do one of those and maybe the stretching will help my legs bounce back and be ready for a more intense cardio workout tomorrow!

working on the goal of becoming a better wife=)

I told myself at the beginning of the year that I wanted to become a better wife. Now the definition of wife all depends on the person defining it, so let’s clarify what I mean and some will disagree. I want to cook more, clean more, keep the home a place that is looked forward to. I don’t think the wife should do everything but I do want to be the husbands help meet[Genesis 2:18]¬†and provide by doing what I think is a “good wife”.


Today is a short day at work…and my house is calling my name and asking to be cleaned! So guess what I am doing this afternoon and tonight=) I have made my list for each room of the house and what exactly to do. Okay, so I get excited about cleaning! Crank up some music, break a sweat, and then sit and soak in the feeling of a fresh and clean house! It has to be one of¬†the best feelings out there, right?

Grocery shopping also has to be done asap, with not being home that much we dont’ really have anything in the house.¬†This is¬†not my favorite activity(the husband loves grocery shopping!) ¬†but I have been trying to make lists and menus so this week I am making a challenge to myself to make a menu, buy for that menu and stick to the menu!¬†

little girl in the big world February 23, 2011

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Meghan from little girl in the big world is having a giveaway!This ends March 8th, head over and check it out!


No pain, no gain….

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I don’t totally agree with “No Pain, No Gain” but I am so sore today and that came to mind! I did run yesterday like I had said I wanted to. Running outside reminds me so much of why I don’t run outisde. My body and legs felt great-burning but great while on the other hand my lungs and chest were on fire! The husband said it was because the air was too cold and I was not used to it, it was not that enjoyable but I got a good 1.5 mile jog/walk in for the day. I decided to follow the run with a 20 min upper body strength training DVD. The routine was pretty challenging, I did it with 5lb dumbbells and am feeling it today=)

I thought with my¬† soreness today I would¬†do a little research¬†on muscle soreness…

What causes muscle soreness:

Things to do that will help the soreness:


Hi February 22, 2011

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thought this was so cute!!

I have been off for awhile, with my brother and niece in town, work and lots of church activities the husband and I ahve not been home except for sleeping in so long! On top of that the charger for my laptop has broke =( so it has been turned off until we can get the new charger.
So I have been doing great with “changing my ways”…I can say that I have finally started learn how to not deprive myself of the food I love and to follow moderation! I have not lost any more weight since the last weigh in but have for once maintained the weight! That is a huge accomplishment for me, while yes there are still a few pounds stuck to me that I would love to lose but I am glad to be practicing what I research and learn.

The beautiful weather this weekend has given me the urge to do something I have really not ever liked……to run. I have mapped out a route close to my house that adds up to about a mile, not a lot but I want to start slow and see if it can be something I can learn to like=) we will see!!


The Candid RD giveaway!

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Gina from Candid RD is having a snack bar giveaway! check it out!!